My Initial Thoughts On Ben Affleck As Batman

The other month I put forward my ideas on who could play the new Batman in the Superman vs Batman movie. Today though, Warner Bros. announced that Ben Affleck will be the new face under the cowl, much to the annoyance of many fanboys on Twitter and Facebook. So I’m going to take a few minutes of your time and share my thoughts on the new caped crusader. 


My initial thoughts are indifferent so far, Ben Affleck is a fine actor and his name on the poster should help to sell a few more tickets, but the news didn’t make me jump for joy either, but maybe this is a good thing. By that I mean, if his casting in the role brings out such an indifference in others, then we have the opportunity to be completely blown away by his performance in 2015. Whereas, if we put all our expectations into one man, we could then end up severely disappointed if he doesn’t meet our, potentially, very high expectations.

One of the things that keeps popping up in discussion over BatFleck, yes that is trending by the way, is his portrayal as Daredevil, which was released in 2003. Yes, Daredevil wasn’t a great film by any standards, but how many people mentioned Reign of Fire when Christian Bale was cast as Batman for Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins? My point is, everyone makes a few bad movies, just as we all have off days at work or college.

Another point to note is, remember how the internet nearly exploded when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker in The Dark Knight? Ledger was no one’s first choice, apart from Nolan that is, and I remember some commenters begging for the role to be recast and given to the likes of Edward Norton or Crispin Glover. How many people would try to back that statement up now?

Affleck is not a gamble by any means, in fact he is quite the opposite and presents a fairly safe bet for Warner Bros. & DC. He has had recent commercial and critical acclaim both in front and behind the camera with the likes of Argo and The Town. He also, ironically, played Superman, kind of, when he took the role of George Reeves in Hollywoodland.

Whilst he may not be everyone’s choice for the role, Affleck is a very good actor who can take on any role and whether you liked the movie or not, it’s not his fault Daredevil wasn’t very good. I think Affleck can pull off the dual roles of Bruce Wayne and Batman and has the talent to make the role his own. Who knows, come 2015 we could all be talking about Ben Affleck as being the best Batman ever.

2 thoughts on “My Initial Thoughts On Ben Affleck As Batman

  1. I don’t like him as an actor! He’s fine as a director but I have never been impressed with his acting. But that’s not my main complaint, could you be intimidated by Ben Affleck?

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