Alien Returns To The Big Screen This March

To mark the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott’s classic Alien, Park Circus is bringing the film back to cinemas from 1 March.

A new 4K restoration of the theatrical cut by 20th Century Fox and 3/Deluxe Entertainment Services Group was undertaken by EFilm with the audio cut by Audio Mechanics under the supervision of Ridley Scott.

The 1979 film spawned several sequels of varying quality as well as novels, comic books, video games and collectables. Winning an Academy Award for Visual Effects Alien is celebrated for its blend of science fiction & horror while maintaining the theme of a “slasher film in space.”

The 40th anniversary can be celebrated by watching Alien on the big screen and allowing a whole new generation of fans the chance to see it in its truest form. A two-week run will begin on the BFI Southbank from 1 March and will then go on to screen at various cinemas across the UK.

Further details can be found on the Park Circus website here.


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One response to “Alien Returns To The Big Screen This March”

  1. Sam Simon says :

    Amazing! I was lucky enough to see it in a cinema theatre once (and I don’t know how many times in DVD), and I wouldn’t miss a chance to do it again!

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