Derivative, slow and uneventful. Alone may not be the worst film of the year, but it may be one of the most boring efforts released in 2021. Adapted from the original Swedish film Gone, director John Hyams and writer Mattias Olsson craft a film that is light on thrills or drama and heavy on exposition.

After leaving her home town in the wake of a personal tragedy, Jessica (Jules Willcox) packs up her belongings and begins moving on with her life to a new town. Coming across a black Jeep on the highway, Jessica soon encounters Marc Menchaca – know here only as “Man.” Pursued in a dark fashion, similar to the masterful Duel directed by Steven Spielberg, or even last years Unhinged starring Russell Crowe – Jessica is soon trapped in a game of cat and mouse, as the “Man” becomes ever more aggressive in his pursuit, leading to a fatal showdown.

Annoyingly, Alone has none of the drama or spectacle of the previously mentioned films. Where Duel aimed for sheer terror and Unhinged went for pulpy thrills, Alone has neither of these. Its nicely shot by Federico Verardi and John Hyams’ more measured approach is not something to necessarily be sneered at, but the lack of drive or momentum really kills the film after a promising start. Even when the film reaches the midway point, and Jessica has been captured by Menchaca’s underwhelming villain, the audience really has no doubt about where this is going or how it will end.


Alone is available on Blu-ray and Digital platforms now.

By Kieron

Film enthusiast and blogger. Will write for money.

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