Occupation: Rainfall

Uninspiring, and quite frankly dull come to mind when thinking of ways to explain Occupation: Rainfall – the sequel to 2018’s Occupation. Directed by Luke Sparke and starring a cast of generic looking men and women, it’s hard to imagine how this film was ever given the green-light.

Knowing little about the film before viewing it for the first time, it came as a surprise to find that this was indeed a sequel. I had no recollection of seeing the first film, so jumping into into this and knowing it would likely destroy my soul had become an even more unenviable task. Rainfall is set two years after the first film & the alien attack, and follows our Sydney based survivors as they look for a way to stop the war and kill off their alien invaders. A whole litany of other, better, science-fiction films are referenced throughout – and the plot becomes so convoluted, that is genuinely difficult to remember what is happening or why.

Character motivations are given little exploration, with only a handful having any impact on the film or its audience. The acting is capable, but talent such as Dan Ewing, Temuera Morrison and Jet Tranter are utterly wasted. The very fact that Jason Isaacs is in Rainfall, in voice only, as another alien known here as “Steve”, and is partnered with the dependably irritating Ken Jeong as “Bud Miller” tells you all you need to know about this film.

There are some high-points. Despite costing only $25 million (Australian) Rainfall does, at times, look fantastic. The action can really hit, and despite taking many a cue from every good sci-fi action film since the 70’s, it at least gets the blood pumping. Sadly, the film is let down by the script, some wooden acting, a plot device that everyone will see coming and ultimately by being the sequel to a film that no one has heard of. If chapter three of this trilogy ever gets made, it will have to do a lot better than this.


Occupation: Rainfall is available on Digital and in cinemas now.

By Kieron

Film enthusiast and blogger. Will write for money.

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