In it’s own spectacular way, Jolt is a lowbrow slice of cartoon fun that doesn’t outstay its welcome. At 91 minutes, director Tanya Wexler’s latest effort is the sort of go-to Friday night film that demands little in the way of thinking or investment from the audience.

Jolt feels like a relative to the likes of Smokin’ Aces and Crank. A high energy, balls to the wall action film that delivers on its word and features an extremely likeable performance from its lead – Kate Beckinsale. Proving once again that she can be strong and vulnerable at the same time, Kate Beckinsale’s Lindy is a woman driven to the edge. Her anger issues developed at a young age – with an opening sequence highlighting this to full effect. Lindy is sent for various tests that end up with her parents institutionalising her as a last resort. Despite the best efforts of everyone, even the army, Lindy finally gets help in the form of Stanley Tucci’s Dr. Munchin. Applying an electrode style vest to limit her violent outbursts, Lindy finally has some control over her life. After meeting an accountant named Justin – a charming Jai Courtney, Lindy finally feels like her life may be back on track. Sadly, after their first and only date, Justin is killed by a New York gangster – setting Lindy on a violent path of revenge.

Jolt really should not be as fun as it is. The dialogue is ropey, the action cartoonish and the entire premise would make Jason Statham’s Crank look like Citizen Kane. It’s almost noble then, that the film is not a complete waste. Largely in part to Kate Beckinsale, her utterly charming turn here is one of strength, emotional & physical pain, and some cracking one-liners. Helped by a cast that are also game,  Jolt has the benefit of a top cast raising the film to the finest of B-movie standards. The fact that a scene in a hospital where Lindy avoids the police by throwing babies at her arresting officer is not the most ridiculous thing here, tells you all you need to know about the film. Jolt is pure popcorn trash, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Jolt is available to stream now on Amazon Prime Video

By Kieron

Film enthusiast and blogger. Will write for money.

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