The Voyeurs

Trashy, slow and superbly mishandled, The Voyeurs is the type of film that Channel 5 used to show late at night. This erotic thriller from Amazon Studios is about as simplistic as they come, and can’t even live up to its billing as a pulpy time killer for audiences seeking a cheap thrill.

After young couple Pippa (Sydney Sweeney) and Thomas (Justice Smith) move into their fancy new apartment, it’s not long before they spot their ridiculously good looking neighbours having sex. Deciding to carry on spying, the two soon find themselves going down a dangerous path that will ultimately test how strong their relationship is. Sadly, The Voyeurs is a decidedly banal film that cannot deliver even the basic levels of excitement. The characters drawn here by director Michael Mohan are, largely, so abhorrent that it is difficult to care for them or have any desire to see the consequences of their actions play out. The couple that they are spying on, played by Ben Hardy & Natasha Liu Bordizzo, are completely devoid of any charisma that it is simply impossible to fall for them due their lack of charm or personality. 

The Voyeurs desperately tries to be a throwback to the 90’s style erotic thriller, but fails to grasp what made any of them entertaining. It’s also a spectacular achievement in itself to have four extremely good looking people make sex seem so boring. The lack of passion or excitement in The Voyeurs ultimately kills the film, and its leaps of logic and general absurdity could be forgiven if it had been in any way entertaining. But instead, we get a film that’s not just bad, but also exceptionally boring.


The Voyeurs is available now on Prime Video.

By Kieron

Film enthusiast and blogger. Will write for money.

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